The concept of automated operations on social networks has been around for a while, but the concept of custom bots specifically designed for cryptocurrency communities is still new. The idea behind automating operations could help to increase efficiency and save time, money, and resources.
For starters, these bots can be used to automate tasks such as greeting new members, moderating content, and providing relevant information about the project/coin associated with said channel or group. They are programmed to detect and remove offending messages or subjects that could cause bad publicity or hurt the coin’s reputation. Furthermore, they may help in increasing user activity levels by engaging in conversations and entertainment activities.
More advanced bots are being scoped by our development team which can be used for technical analysis purposes. These more sophisticated bot scripts will integrate various data points from various exchanges and calculate analytics such as current pricing, trade volume data, etc. Such a tool will not only be helpful for individual investors but also help in the execution of trades if users provide it with the necessary instructions.
Investors in blockchain projects should strongly consider utilizing bots where appropriate to both augment their own opinions as well as assist their contacts with information gathering. Our development house offers programming solutions suited to any requirement based on an individual’s risk appetite and preferences; whether they require simple or complex bot solutions. We strive towards making everyone’s cryptocurrency trading experiences better through intelligent automation using bots- be it small home traders or institutional traders operating large accounts; everyone stands to benefit!